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Title:Superman & Lois
Genre: Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Air Date: 2021-02-23
Season Number: 1
Total Episodes: 7
Overview: After years of facing megalomaniacal supervillains, monsters wreaking havoc on Metropolis, and alien invaders intent on wiping out the human race, The Man of Steel aka Clark Kent and Lois Lane come face to face with one of their greatest challenges ever: dealing with all the stress, pressures and complexities that come with being working parents in today's society.
Stars: Tyler Hoechlin (Clark Kent / Superman / Kal-El), Elizabeth Tulloch (Lois Lane), Jordan Elsass (Jonathan Kent), Alex Garfin (Jordan Kent), Erik Valdez (Kyle Cushing), Inde Navarrette (Sarah Cushing), Wolé Parks (Captain Luthor), Adam Rayner (Morgan Edge), Dylan Walsh (Samuel Lane), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Lana Lang Cushing)


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Episode 1 : Pilot

February 23, 2021

Episode 2 : Heritage

March 02, 2021
The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower

Episode 4 : Haywire

March 16, 2021
The Best of Smallville
Smells Like Teen Spirit
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